söndag 22 mars 2009


Why is it that the most beautiful people in Africa are hidden from the African media?
We often hear about how beautiful Ethiopians are with their rare beauties, but there is nothing
rarer today than the Fulani.
It seems like nobody want to talk about them, besides in West Africa.
The president Senghor, of Senegal, once said Guinea has the most beautiful women in Africa. In particularly the Fulanis.

Do you think that some people tend to be favorised in the society so that other groups like the Fulah are hidden away?
This is a highly respected people often very educated and noble, and people seem to concentrate only other parts of Africa.

Which country in Africa has the most beautiful girls?
Why is Ethiopia, Somalia or Eritrea usually the answer?

Why do people think all West Africans have 50-cent features and all East Africans have
Haile Selasse features?


100% Fulah from Nigeria.

Guinea Beauties

Guinean beauties, none is mixed-raced.

About the people

This blog is dedicated to Fulah beauty. Fulah people are also known as Fulani, Tekruri or Fellata.
They reside mainly in West Africa. They number 10 million in Northern Nigeria, 40% of the population in Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Mali...

Guinean Girls

These are 100% Fulah girls from Guinea (Conacry) , Guinée Conacry.

Regular Fulani girls

People often talk how Habeshas and Somalis are the most beautiful in Africa, but to be honest although Habeshas are pretty, the Fulanis have long been ignored. These are Fulah girls from Mali, Niger and Guinea.

Fulani beauties

Fulani girls Aminata Diallo and Foutamata Diallo (in red). Winning Miss Senegal 2007 and 2008.